About Us


Like many lasers fleets everywhere, we are a collection of people of all ages (15 – 60ish), both sexes, and divergent sailing backgrounds. We all share our enthusiasm for the boat and for the sport of sailboat racing; old dogs and young pups alike are continually learning to be better laser sailors. We have grown the number of home based lasers to twenty-one and welcome a couple of semi-regular visitors.


We sail on Lake Massapoag in Sharon, Massachusetts. The lake is a mile long and about one half mile wide and offers the finest in shifty lake sailing. We launch from the Massapoag Yacht Club, and this club organizes and supports most of our racing activities. Get directions here.


We host several different kinds of races from April to October:

For detailed schedule, click here.


Although there have always been a couple of Lasers on the lake, the fleet really began about five years ago through a wonderful confluence of events and situations:

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